Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement Home

Giving homeless senior dogs their furever home.

Welcome to Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement Home. Our main goal is to bring in senior dogs who are in need of a furever home.  Our dogs mainely come from shelters where they have been for a long period of time, belong to someone who has a medical issue who can no longer care for the dog, or some come from senior or elderly citizens who unfortuntely cannot bring them when moving to an assisted living or other such facility.

Being available to help these dogs provides them with the love and care they so desperately need and deserve, and also gives their owners peace of mind, knowing where they are, and that they are being care for the way they would care for their beloved pet themselves.


Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement

Our senior dogs remain active and healthy, provided with socialization and care, and with rest and comfort.

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Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement Home

Helping to care for senior dogs, one pup at a time.


Swimming; The Perfect Exercise for Old Dogs

Our senior dogs are offered the chance to swim in the onsite pool. Some choose to swim and some do not, which is a-okay with us. We are a retirement home for these senior dogs, and although we encourage different activites for these dogs including swimming and daily walks, we allow these dogs to be comfortable with their surrondings and people, and to spend time relaxing and enjoying their "retirement".

Mission Statement

Here at Finally Home Rescue, our mission is to provide a loving home to homeless senior dogs, pledging to provide these dogs with nutritious food, quality veterinary care, and anything else that these dogs could want or need to comfort them during the final days or years of their lives.

Finally Home works with other local nonprofit animal rescue organizations, in order to allow more senior dogs to be rescued, to find appropriate homes, and also strives to educate the public regarding the many joys and benefits of caring for our senior pets.

How You Can Help!

Finally Home is a nonprofit organization, and must fundraise to pay for veterinary care, food, grooming, toys, treats and all other necessities for these dogs.

To help raise funds, Finally Home has a Venmo account for donations to help with monthly bills; 

Then type in to make a payment.

We are also currently raising money to add a "dog room" onto the home, so that more senior dogs can be brought in. Although the family and dogs (7) are currently comfortable, we want to be sure that the environment remains safe and healthy when we are able to grow with more dogs, and therefore need more space for dog beds and comfy couches. To help with this expense, we have started a GoFundMe account;

We also accept donations of needed items if you'd prefer, and are always in need of soft treats and canned food.

Thank you for your considering a donation to Finally Home Rescue and our dogs.

Come Visit Our Home

Please contact us to set up a visit at your convenience.


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